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  1. Loom bands are fun,kids enjoy themselves it keeps them sane
    At the same time loom bands are distracting sh that’s 1 reason why loom bands should be band

    • Some schools have banned them due to fights/arguements also because of distractions in class.
      Kids enjoy making them it keeps them sane and it passes the time.

      Should they be band,let’s find out!

  2. NO NO NO Loombands are distractions to young students and people is the are creative and stuff but I think things like air fix models are good enough spark ones creativity 😦

  3. Good points (I think we should have them because they are creative and fun to make)Bad point(they should them because they fiddle around with them and they make them 24 seven.I think we should ban them because when we put our hands up people still be making them and there distracting in class

  4. I think that loom bands should be band because people are making them to tight.Also people are messing around with them when they are not concentrating in lessons.

    They should not be band because people are not just on computer games and they are doing something crafty.Also people love them.

    My point i thing they should not be band….

    By Isabel

    Good reason: they are creative.
    Bad reason: children go cray cray about them and have about 100 on their arms.
    Why they should be banned: children make them during lessons.

    BY SHAY 😀

  6. With loom bands you can be as creativ as you want and the best thing about loombands you can make skipping rops . But the bad thing is you can die !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    But that’s only one thing you can make your blood stop going in to your hand .

    Thay shood not be band.

  7. Also I have had product placement in one of my videos and the soon to be discontinued loomband company did not Pay for it. Another 😦

  8. Sorry,but I didn’t do a full stop on the last comment. I like Miss Bridge and Mrs Davis should try them to?😜💎💭

    Good Reason: They allow children of this generation to get their heads out of technology and be creative.
    Bad Reason: They distract kids in school and in lessons.
    I think that loom bands shouldn’t be banned because they are AWESOME!!!
    By Siyam 😀

  10. Children mess about whith them in class and the good reason is becouse they Mack children happy and they are fun to make. 🙂 🙂 and I think they shouldun be bandied becouse they Mack the children happy.

  11. Good point (I think that loom bands should be in school because when we don’t have nothing to do we can just make loom bands also when the girls don’t want to play they can just make loom bands.
    Bad points (I think loom bands are not educational i know you can make stuff but some girls make them at silent reading. (Should they be band yes and no yes because people have fun no because people make them at silent reading

  12. Loom bands
    Should not be band because kids are interest in computers so kids can be more craftie and make loom bands.

  13. The bad reason is that they distracting people in lessons.
    The good reason is that they are creative and children are not just playing computer games all the time.
    I think loom bands shouldn’t be band!!!

  14. They should be strictly banned! In robin hood i see some students fiddling with loom bands, flicking them and hurting people with them. In class some pupils poke each other with them and it leaves red marks as someone has done it to me before. Some students in OTHER schools also sell them with ought teachers knowing . It this any good? Some students also make loom bands during class and that is a huge distraction to there education and they may miss loads of useful learning. I hope you agree!

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