Trip to the Wyre Forest!


On Friday we enjoyed a fantastic day out at the Wyre Forest. We learnt how to make a no-trace fire, it’s called ‘no trace’ because you hide the remains of the fire when you have finished so that you don’t disturb the forest! We didn’t have matches, so we lit the fire using flint and steel and we had to blow on it to make sure the wood caught on fire! We also learnt how to make a shelter using only logs, twigs and branches. Unfortunately, our shelters weren’t waterproof – we learnt this the hard way when our ranger poured a bottle of water through the roof of the shelters and soaked us all!

It was a really fantastic day out – special thanks to all the parent helpers and Mr Townsend who came with us.  Also thanks to all of Year Five for behaving so well. The ranger said we were the most enthusiastic bunch of school children she had seen in a long time!

5EB, what was your favourite part of the trip? Post a comment with your thoughts please.






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  1. I had the best trip ever, it was so much fun ,I would love to go again,but sadly we didn’t see any real deers or snake but at least we know how it feels like!

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