Your Geography task…


Create an informative poster on the different types of city zones. Use different fonts, colours and photos from the internet to make it as interesting and eye-catching as possible!

City Centre

  • A busy place full of people by day but empty at night.
  • Shops, offices, hotels and cinemas.
  • Very few people live there.

 Twilight Zone

  • Once full of busy factories, but may now be empty.
  • May also be canals, railways, warehouses & small terraced houses.
  • Today some warehouses are being converted to flats & offices.

Inner Suburbs

  • Terraced houses with two or three bedrooms.
  • Some houses have small gardens.
  • A few large houses were built for wealthy people.

Outer Suburbs

  • On the edge of the city.
  • Larger houses with gardens.
  • Small estates of modern houses.

Commuter Zones

  • Made up of small towns or villages around the city.
  • Houses are in all shapes & sizes & usually have gardens.

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