Show me, don’t tell me!


Remember, good writers don’t tell – they show!

What do you think this man is doing? How do you think he feels?  Write a few sentences using show me, don’t tell me.


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  1. Scared,angry johns heart pounded as all the books fell on top of him and the wall broke into little pieces this had never happened before he thought

  2. There has been a terrible explosion and he has lost all of his family and his bones were crakaling and his shoulders wer crunching and his teeth were erupting you don’t know what an explosion could

  3. The man felt scared watching the building fall down suddenly the wall crashed,smashed and the wall through the flaw.

  4. Scared,the terrified,petrified man watched his beloved,cared mountain of paper and books lift of and into the hot,scorching,face melting,rare blue sun!

  5. The old man is sitting in a mysterious library with all the books swiftly falling and the bright light shining into the huge ancient library! Scared,frightened the man got shocked and scared he was running for his life bbefore all the books and the shelf fall on him and gets him badly injured! He ran rapidly and nervouslyy but he did not give up!!!
    What will happen next?

  6. There is a man on the lose and he is destroying everything.His fists are clinked, his face is erupting with steam blazing in his face quickly and rapidly.

  7. Sadly,the lonely man heaved himself onto rusty bench in sorrow.His eyes closed, his mind open, miserably he sat their in quietness.Why was he so sorrowful? The answer was clear.He had just lost his family in a terrible fire.Only he had survived,in that great fire……

  8. Gazing,heart pounding,fist clenching,Stearing at books,lots of books,is Devastated,he shouts for help as 10000000000000000000000s of books fall into pure nothing ness.It is all over.

  9. Suddenly, the mans shoulders slumped as the enormous explosion just appeared out of nowhere.Filled with anger the man spepped outside shouting ” How has there been an eruption at my library.” Sadly, the man sat down with his eyes filled with tears.

  10. His shoulders hunched, the man watched everything crumble before him. In his sorrows, he looked down and ignored the destruction of all he’d owned. He cried into his pillow as he woke up in the dark on his soft bed. He hadn’t lost this. It was all just a dream…

  11. Slowly, Nick sat down, not taking his eyes off the enormous piles of books, filled with old memories. He sat down with an empty thought and sighed. This was his favourite place ever since he was a child, now in ruins. Hours past with him still sitting there thinking of all his treasured memories. Finally he said goodbye, knowing that this was the last time he would see the place. As he left a tear crawled down out of his eye.
    The End.

  12. The old man fell flat on his face suddenly… The old man screamed when TNT fell on his face unti the building blue up with the man in it

  13. Shocked, amazed, stunned, the ancient man sat there and watched the huge, ginormous explosion right before his eyes! It blew up the whole school library I didn’t get to see who it was underneath the pitch black hat until he turned around and slowly trudged towa
    rds me…. It was BOB the evil villain who can teleport anywhere he wants he is a sorcerer the baddest!

  14. The siprisd man opend his iyes really wide to achily believe if
    papers fliying up into the ear he was thinking it is amassing.

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