Agony Aunt/Uncle Letters


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As part of your homework I asked you to write a letter of advice to the Three Billy Goats Gruff, telling them how to cross the bridge safely past the troll. Some of your responses were so amazing (and funny!) I just had to share them on our blog!


Dear Billy Goats Gruff,

Why don’t you try to kill the nasty troll? When he comes close he is going to open his mouth wide. Just then throw a fainting potion into his mouth, then stab your horns into his body!


Agony Uncle.


Dear Billy Goats Gruff,

I have been having a little trouble myself these days with the princess, I helped her so I will help you! I have two ideas. The first one is you could try and make friends with him and if that idea doesn’t work then don’t freak out I will tell you the next one. You could find him a nice, kind lady troll and she could be his girlfriend!

Yours faithfully, Agony Uncle

P.S: Come over tomorrow and have some cake and tea!


Dear Billy Goats Gruff,

As soon as I read your letter I knew what to do! You have to act scared and shout “RUN, there’s an ogre coming to eat some trolls!”. Trolls will believe anything!

Yours hopefully,

Agony Uncle


Dear Billy Goats Gruff,

I am sorry to hear about your problem. I have been in contact with my agent Bob and we have discussed this matter. We advise you to gang up on the troll and take him on! You all have to be brave and stick together and you will solve this dilemma!

All the best,

Agony Uncle

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