The Tenner Project


Click on the ten pounds below to register your team.  There is lots of useful information on this website, so make sure to read all about it to get some tips before you start.

Screen shot 2014-02-25 at 17.42.12

Next steps:

Think about your business idea (come and get a sheet from Miss Bridge)

1) Target market. Who will your customers be?

2) Restrictions. If you are going to be selling food, remember…

•Food must be in its’ original packaging,  have an ingredients list and a best before date which is more than three months away.
3) Does it have a social impact. Are you helping out your local community? (This is really important!)

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  1. I am so exited that year 5 has been chosen it is going to be fun fun fun!!!
    But there are so many ideas i can’t think of what to to do hair,washing cars,disco.cake sale it is hard to choose!!!
    I hope we win so we go LONDON !!!!

  2. If u want to join our group, we are doing a music group. There are some requirements though:
    1. Thou shall pay 99p.
    2. Thou shall be able to play a instrument.
    3. Thou shall have an instrument (discluding non-band instruments such a ukulele)
    If Thou shall meet requirements then they are through to play

  3. ok i didn’t know about this because i went home early when you told our class about the tenner project i went home.

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