A new law has been passed in 5EB…!


Something terrible has happened! A law has been passed which forbids the children of 5EB from starting their sentences with the word ‘I’.

Write about either your adventure to the creepy jungle or your adventure to the haunted desert…but be warned, if you start any of your sentences with ‘I’, you will face HORRIBLE CONSEQUENCES!!!

Possible sentence starters:

  • Adverbs (suddenly, angrily)
  • ‘Ed’ words (terrified, worried, confused)
  • HANDS connectives – see wall!
  • Time connectives – see wall!
  • Use a metaphor or a simile.




25 responses »

  1. Scared,freaked,terrified I walked into the scariest jungle In the whole world. Although I was scared I still had faith In myself to find the treasure in the deep deep sand

  2. Old and ancient lonely and deserted the slowly the dry desert aged and aged and as the time passed by the trees broke and the bushes fell it was as spooky as the Devils den. Slowly I passed through trying not to look at the terror that happened there.

  3. Worried,sacred,petrified I was trudging through the dark,gloomy,huge forest the gigantic trees loomed and tower if you look closely you could see horrible faces. I crept sighlently could I get out !!!!

  4. Scared,I was trapped on the doomed deserted dessert,There was know water know food nothing to eat I was starved a bunch of tiny water drop fell swiftly down my face and peac fully onto the ground!
    After a while I was still waiting for someone to come and take me from this doomed dessert and take me back to my cosy warm home!
    Cold,shivering I was still waiting in the dessert.
    Suddenly I got weeker and weeker and just layed down and never woke up.

  5. “Captain , captain can you hear me?” My radio wasn’t working. Unfortunately I was lost. Lots of things could happen in a deserted eerie jungle like this! My heart was in my mouth. My blood turned cold. Snap! Something was watching me! What was it? Was it friendly? All of a sudden, I heard rapid and loud breathing that caused a shiver of fear that slithered up my spine! Would I survive?

  6. One stormy night the wind came bracing through the dark misty forest Wolvs was runing running runing smashing past the goastly night

  7. Suddenly I saw a huge green tall crocodile chasing me I got so scared.Scared,shoked,terrified,will the crocodile stop catching me?Later I had mad it with not getting caught! My heart bounded sa fast as a cheeta. My face was like a bursting volcano

  8. Terrified, I was on my way to the haunted Dessert.Finally, I got there.Scared,I stepped out of the car.The ghostly, haunted dessert was full of rotten trees and dead, brown leaves.

  9. Mouth watering,heart beating,soul cracking I lay on the burning dessert that put flames on my back when all of a sudden there standing before me was devils crowding me talking a language that I don’t under stand”jjijeicjcijeijxiekoxkisjdiehxy”then The Lord of the devils came and spoke,”you are the one you are the one”…. I did not under stand that I was the ONE.My body was turning ruby redmy head was had sharp body stabbing horns my floated I eyes were devilish yellow I was one of them!!!!!!!

  10. Today was the day I was going to visit the creepy , eerie forest. Suddenly, I sped through the vast jungle going past lots of huge , tall trees. After a while I wanted to explore so I made a wake board out of leaves and spurred quickly through the forest looking at all the beautiful views.

    Do you feel cold? Because I’ m shivering down here. I was on my wakeboard going as fast as a cheetah and then I felt something hit me …..

    By Laiba

  11. “Captain , captain can you hear me?” My radio wasn’t working. Unfortunately I was lost. Lots of things could happen in a deserted eerie jungle like this! I was in an ambush of emerald green leaves. My heart was in my mouth. My blood turned cold. Snap! Something was watching me! What was it? Was it friendly? All of a sudden, I heard rapid and loud breathing that caused a shiver of fear that slithered up my spine! Pant pant. Swiftly I turned and turned, however could not find the mysterious being. Obviously I could not take much more of this , subsequently I ran! I ran as fast as lightning. All of a sudden I heard the panting again and leaves and twigs rustling and snapping. It was following me! What would I do? I ran faster and it ran faster, I ran slower and it ran slower. Would I survive?

  12. Worried,scared,petrified I am in DANGER!
    Where am I ? I am panting ,gasping what shall I do ?Why am I here? Where is my mom,dad,Jody and Casper. Only if I listened to my furious mother shouting “Listen you naughty girl you will not go out by your self you got that”.nope I did not listen at all but she looks after me cares for me actually my whole family cares for me and loves me to.

  13. Suddely a mysterious land appeared DANGER! DANGER! Suddely i heard a noise,terrified,Petnfied ,scared i ran as fast as i could finally i made it home an i was safe and nothing could get me.

  14. It was a eerie,spooky night on the desert.It was not nice…SUDDENLY there was a shadow in the vast terror of the desert…
    The endless nights of fear and terror have ended!
    There was a man of scaredness?
    No he was a man of…BRAVENESS!!!!!

  15. Scared, I jumped out of the shiny blue aircraft into the unknown as my engine failed and it exploded in flames.Next thing I remember is hitting the sand of the Sahara desert and saw the wreckage of my Cessna 152,but if I was quick I could get the radio equipment and powered it up.It was too far from any receivers.in the next 5 weeks I encountered a sandstorm,I had broke my leg and had not had much to eat.Finally a helicopter from the Royal Navy came over head and I lit a flare and it saw me and I was received.But I had to take cover behind a rock because of all the sand flying.A member of the Royal Navy came out to board me on to the helicopter.

  16. Worried ,petrified ,terrified first I was in my house then suddenly I was in the Forrest …I saw monkeys ,elephants,birds. I heard banging, clanging, bashing as I was running as fast as I could through the dark gloomy Forrest.

  17. Scared ,worried,frightened it entered the haunted jungle.”Roar”! My heart stopped for a second.what was it?Suddenly I saw a cheetah .Rapidly I was paralysed with shock.As the cheetah pounched on me I was lifted from the air to safety then I could not see…Shocked I woke up catching my breath. Suddenly I was on a boat.BOOM!A huge hippo came and tererised the boat. Then I fleed away never to return.

  18. Wearily, I went into the creepy, sceary jungle. I ran and ran as fast as I could to get away from there, but it didn’t! It was too hard everywhere I looked I saw yellow and oreng lives and green. I was so scared. sudly the wind started blowing and I heard the thunder.

  19. Worried,petrefied,scared i was stuck in sandy shores where people live like ghost,zombies,deadly creators,predators. Once I was walking in sandy shores suddenly I heard a creak somebody was talking OOOOOOOOOOOOOOO it was a zombie I rapidly ran for my life. It was dark and raning, suddenly I end up in a house AND THAT TO FULL OF GHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOST. Once again I ran for my life then I end up in a tunnel so I was looking around if any predators or deadly cretuers and I was walking I felt a creepy body and when it came out OMG IT WAS A PREDETAR .once again I ran for my life and then a big deadly creature kill me.

  20. When I woke up in the morning, I saw the green , shiny leaves were dropping. Then I heard something stamping in the grass.I saw the green monster, I must be dreaming, there was blood all over it. Then I woke up. The greenish monster was still there, he was going to eat me.

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