Write me a paragraph…


touch the groundsmall

Can you write me a creative paragraph about this creepy image?


  • A noun, who.which/where, sentence.
  • An outside (inside) sentence.
  • A time connective or a casual connective.
  • Speech marks
  • Ask the reader a rhetorical question!

I’m looking for the most creative one!!!!


30 responses »

  1. Slowly, the young enchanted boy glided through the dark,gloomy,pitch black streets with his two evil Bloodhounds!!!!


  2. First I thought that the boy was crazy but eventually I realised that he isn’t crazy.Because now I can see it’s the silly dogs there making he fly to the night sky.After a while he was still there.Finally he comes down because the winds hand pushed him down.

  3. It was dark… A light shone on 2 dark dogs with out a owner…As I walked further a light shone at the sky.There was the owner but he was in the sky…Why?

  4. The boy jumped heroically off the lamp and landed on the floor, which happened to be concrete, and then he shouted, “ouch.” (He actually felt like he was in the a team!). Would you jump off a lamp to be in a movie?

  5. The tall boy who was flying was very scared.Have you ever flown?He flown because someone was chasing him and something weird happened! ” is this magic please can someone stop this”

  6. Petrified,scared and worried the sapphire blue eyed 5 year old boy made the jump of his life and swag… The crowd gasped and the stage people ran out of their skin and began to weep, their hert stopped.The stage was filled with ruby red blood of the young boy who jumped but failed .

  7. Elegantly, the enchanted magnificent boy glided down the cold narrow murdering street with his to savage vicious dogs. Will they survive the pitch black murder infested land?

    • Elegantly, the enchanted magnificent boy glided down the cold narrow murdering street with his to vicious dogs. The criminals waited-waited-waited. Silently, they started following him, he flew faster, they ran faster, subsequently they wanted to kill him. Pant pant. His heart was in his throat. Will he outrun the savages

  8. Rapidly, the confused boy was being lifted into the vast sky. Since he was in the dark eerie sky he wanted to enjoy himself. So he flew swiftly through the sky looking at all the grey clouds wondering if he should call his friends. He called Jack and said ” Jack come quickly I’m flying in the sky.” Jack sped through the streets he was walking his dog and BOOM! He and his dog floated through the sky.

    What do you think will happen next? Therefore the boy and Jack flew through the sky knocking on every bodies window and telling them to fly.

    By Laiba!!!!!

  9. I was flying… Flying and taking my dogs for a walk,therefore I was really scared. After a while I was not as freaked out subsequently I was still Shocked. Peaple in there homes were looking at me which was scary. After a few minutes my dogs started to gradually fly! I was Scared!!!

  10. The tiny boy couldn’t control the mad and crazy dogs “HELP!” shouted Tom,but he just remembered what his dad said “Do what you like as long as you don’t lose the dogs!”
    The light shon straight at Tom and he felt scared…
    “What would dad say? ” Then Tom had an idea of running as fast as his feet could take him and jump to catch the mad and crazy dogs.

  11. The creepy boy flew in despair as his two headed dogs leapt out of his reach.Why,when everyone had both feet on the ground he was (miserably)flying!!He tried to come down ,however he could not!!!”HELP!”he cried,but it was no use…The miserable boy,who was flying,was crying.Frightened he tried to hide his fear .(In truth,he was soo scared.)Would he ever land?…

  12. I was walking my 2 black dogs Alice and Katie when bang,bang,bang all off a suden I felt the wind then I looked down at the floor and I was flying I WAS FLYING IN THE AIR! I was in the air.(I felt sick and scared).That was it I it as soon I went past the bin I was sick.THat was it I am never walking the dogs again even if I do not have them I am not ever and ever!

  13. It was a random day Alex was walking his dogs Walter and barker he was jus going round the bloc
    Suddenly his a dogs started barking loud didn’t know what was happening just then he started lifting up gently the it went faster and faster and FASTER he was panicking he did not know what to do he firmly clutched the dogs lead could he hold on long enough???

  14. The terrified boy was flying he never thought he would land or he we would be found so for the rest of his he stayed flying through the dark petrifying hours

  15. The boy, who was ascending to the air, was amazed.
    The boy was amazed at having the ability to fly. (He was scared ).
    Will he ever descend?

  16. I am walking on the narrow ,bendy road walking my two friendly dogs Ally and Tommy.While I am walking I can feel a shiver down my spine I thought something is going to happen shake-shake-shake it fees as if a earthquake is going to happen but that is only my thought suddenly Ally and Tommy were barking as loud as howling wolves I feel as if am flying as high as a flying bird and I am FLYING!

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