Noun, who/which/where, …….




We have been learning how to write SAT’S level sentences: using a subordinate clause!

5EB, can you write a noun, who/which/where, sentence about this Halloween picture?

Remember to include:

  • 2 commas around the subordinate clause
  • Capital letter at the start!
  • Full stop at the end!

18 responses »

  1. The women, who was a frightening evil witch, carved a magical glowing pumpkin. The pumpkin, that was even more evil than the wicked witch, killed the innocent.

  2. Some lovely sentences 5EB…perhaps I will have a try….

    The gnarled hunched witch, who was filled with anger and hate, stirred the bubbling, hissing potion, cackling evilly to herself.

    I hope I have got it right!!

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